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The AIGLE brand chooses the e-SCM Supplier Portal to improve the management of its Supply Chain

AIGLE has chosen e-SCM to manage the monitoring of supplies, to structure its Quality processes and to ensure the reliability of customer reception schedules.

The project was deployed in 3 months on the basis of a standard e-SCM Core Model capable of handling the specificities of the two divisions Textiles and Footwear of the HONG KONG subsidiary.

AIGLE users and suppliers have taken to the solution immediately and are already confirming the benefits of the e-SCM Supplier Portal.

The successful feedback allows the deployment of the project on the global perimeter of the company at international level.

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The choice of a collaborative tool served in real time

In the textile industry, the supply chain is a complex process to organise and manage because it involves a variety of interlocutors, in different time zones and over relatively long periods.


AIGLE selected the e-SCM solution because it contributes to the implementation of a Supply Chain Event Management approach. It enables the organisation and management of its supplies to be rationalised at various levels: order entry or import, quality service, supervision of operations.

Through its collaborative functions, e-SCM associates and involves all the players to gain in productivity: suppliers, warehouses and logistics, forwarding agents and transport. Each person is informed in real time without even having requested the information that is useful to them, which allows to react and adapt.


The e-SCM Supplier Portal allows you to define a set of monitoring milestones in tracking the progress of operations and to evaluate, in relation to a theoretical schedule, the impact of potential delay on a certain phase.

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About Belharra Numérique /e-SCM

The e-SCM solution was designed and developed by BELHARRA, a Digital Service Company based in the Basque Country.

e-SCM is a Supplier Portal dedicated to the Fashion and Luxury world. Our strong experience in the textile world is the result of a close collaboration initiated with the Surf actors and reinforced through contact with well-known companies in the ready-to-wear and luxury sectors. The challenge is to help companies structure their supplier relationships and supervise the traceability of their supplies. We participate in the digital transformation of supply management to improve their financial results, enhance their image and better meet CSR requirements. Download our brochure.

Contacts : Patrick Bourg - / Sarah Figura -

Website: www.belharra.f & www.e-SCM.eu


AIGLE, a master rubber manufacturer since 1853, makes the majority of its boots by hand in France and perpetuates a unique know-how of protecting man in nature. Thanks to this heritage, AIGLE boots, shoes and clothing combine authenticity, style and function. The demand for quality and attention to detail are at the heart of the design of the collections to guarantee you a fair and durable product.

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