Measurable benefits from the first collection monitored

Results are noticeable in just a few months after implementing e-SCM


Productivity & Performance

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Fluidity, Agility & Responsiveness

Transparency & Suppliers

Fast & Controlled Deployment

e-scm productivity

Harmonize your processes


Easier organization and team planning, improved communication with customer contacts and more reliable data exchanges. 


Improved processes for all players in the value chain and facilitated decision-making process thanks to integrated dashboards.

Customer feedback :

“The time spent carrying out reporting and collecting production schedule data has been reduced from several hours per week to a few clicks with better reliability and dissemination of information. For a time equivalent to 0.3 FTE! »

Maximize the service rate​


Secured supply chain coping with manufacturing hazards, production monitoring to limit shortages and ensuring availability in stores to contribute to customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Customer feedback :

“e-SCM is a tool that also and above all makes life easier for Suppliers. They can manage their order portfolio while respecting Petit Bateau’s Quality procedures and logistics requirements. »

Christophe Jeanny

Petit Bateau supplier

e-scm performance
e-scm economy

Optimize logistics costs​


Increased visibility on deliveries and a schedule to anticipate peak loads.

The tool provides a precise vision of receipts to optimize warehouse resources, storage and human-wise. It facilitates inputs and pre-configures outputs wherever possible.​

Efficient end-to-end process​


Tool to secure all stages of the supply cycle and to be able to trace decisions.

Customer feedback :

“The e-SCM portal produces alerts as soon as a deadline, a price, or a milestone falls outside of pre-established thresholds. Thus, the impact of any change can be anticipated and the reception schedule is made more reliable, which simplifies the planning of deliveries to stores. »

Anne Vallier

Logistics Purchasing Director

e-scm fluidity
e-scm agility

Supply Chain Flexibility


Being able to anticipate, modify the decisions made, and adapt to situations induced in production or transport constraints must be made possible by a flexible and agile organization. Strengthen collaboration with chain stakeholders.

Customer feedback :

“The e-SCM Supplier Portal makes supplies more reliable, brings substantial productivity gains, increased capacity for planning logistics and distribution activities, the possibility of offering better service to our customers... It contributes to increasing the level of competence of the procurement team. »

Operations Director of Rip Curl Europe

Promote CSR commitment


Collects traceability information throughout the supply cycle to tie it back to the finest level of a finished product's SKU. The Brand can then concretely demonstrate to the consumer that its CSR commitments are being respected.

e-scm transparency
supplier relations

Strengthen collaboration

Supplier Relations

A true partnership established with its suppliers by providing a tool for automating the generation of labels and packing lists as well as monitoring exchanges throughout the supply cycle.

All information shared by all stakeholders, in real-time and decisions made in consultation while historized. Dynamics of exchanges and quality of work reinforced.

Customer feedback :

“A 25% reduction in the number of non-compliance disputes with suppliers and improvement in data traceability”

Quick and controlled deployment _

The expertise of our consultants guides e-SCM implementation in consistancy with your organization


Initialization of the project​

​Installation with standard settings to launch workshops​

Technical implementation of connections to the ERP system

Duration: 2 to 3 weeks​


workshops focused with functions

Iterated advanced configuration​

Business consulting to adjust the settings and validate potential developments through successive iterations. Data check

Duration: 1 month


Project support

Getting started

Training of business teams, support for change management with suppliers.

Duration: 4 to 6 weeks​


General deployment

E-scm in action

Gradual ramp-up, widespread deployment to all businesses and suppliers.

Duration: 1 to a few months​

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