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Optimize the quality of your supply chain

Optimize the quality of your supply chain: 5 tips from e-SCM

For effective management of the quality of your supply chain, it is necessary to set objectives throughout the process and plan quality assurance from raw materials to the finished product:


· Ensuring consistent quality production

· Meet regulatory requirements throughout the cycle

· Involve partners in respecting ethical standards

· Ensuring supply chain transparency for their customers


It is by anticipating problems and being proactive that we can prevent them from occurring.

optimize supply chain quality

How to improve your quality management system in the supply chain?

Centralize quality data

The centralization and consolidation of quality data will allow supply teams to easily access a single source of data on quality controls throughout the process.



BENEFIT : Speed ​​and reliability of data

Monitor performance

The centralization of data will allow a global and transversal vision of quality and thus allow the manager to make decisions at the right time in order to anticipate or stop problems that could harm production efficiency.


BENEFIT : Production cycle efficiency

Standardize quality procedures

Suppliers and auditors will be able to work from a standardized procedure and thus follow the various milestones necessary to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.



BENEFIT : Respect of commitments

Evaluate and support your suppliers

Reports based on key indicators will allow you to monitor the performance of your suppliers and support them if they need improvement.

Brands can support suppliers in their continuous improvement process and encourage them to change their practices so that they are more ethical and responsible.


BENEFIT : Collaboration with suppliers

Focus on transparency

Consumers are increasingly moving towards brands that demonstrate responsible and ethical sourcing. Being transparent about compliance with the quality standards and ethics of your brand and your suppliers will help build customer loyalty and gain their trust.



BENEFIT : Customer trust and loyalty

How can the e-SCM solution help you improve your quality process?

The e-SCM solution helps fashion and luxury brands optimize the management of their supply chain, from order to delivery, while ensuring product conformity and time-to-market.


Quality control is a key factor for success in procurement.


e-SCM allows real-time management and minimizes the risks of non-compliance by offering more reliability in exchanges with suppliers via indicators and milestones to be respected during production, as well as at the time of shipment.


At any time, you obtain an update on the progress of production and the results of quality controls, order by order.



A global view of controls



Information centralized and shared with all stakeholders



Fast and easy decision-making in the event of an anomaly



Milestones to be respected to validate product conformity

A simple and effective dedicated quality module to manage production quality.

The Quality module offers detailed monitoring and management of all quality controls carried out internally and by the various laboratories external to the component.


e-SCM allows you to monitor tests directly through the platform (creation, assignment, request, entry of results). You will be able to check compliance with customer and regulatory requirements based on the checklist you have defined upstream.


With e-SCM, you will be able to detect anomalies very early and thus implement compensatory or corrective solutions if necessary.

You will thus be able to monitor suppliers and support them in their improvement process.


All information is thus centralized on e-SCM, easily accessible and allows a global vision of the quality process.

Co-construction of the quality module with CWF

We supported CWF in implementing the Quality mode and Jérôme Boisseau, head of the project and IT department, noted that “the expertise of the e-SCM teams, their project methodology and their mastery of the textile world were beneficial to this collaboration”.

With e-SCM all Quality data can be used to populate a Digital Product Passport and demonstrate to the consumer compliance with Quality rules and product safety.


Supply Chain management with e-SCM strengthens the traceability of operations to improve company performance and meet the obligation of transparency on CSR commitments.