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e-SCM integrates the “Fashion Ecosystem”

e-SCM joins the “Fashion Ecosystem” of the French Women’s Ready-to-Wear Federation!

The e-SCM solution was selected to integrate the fashion ecosystem of the French Federation of Women's Ready-to-wear. Designed especially for brands and fashion entrepreneurs, this ecosystem aims to assist them in discovering, meeting and collaborating with the best providers and experts in the industry.

Why choose the e-SCM supply management solution?

It is a production and supply management and traceability tool that allows brands to implement agile processes, providing 360-degree visibility in real time. e-SCM solves two major problems:

1. It ensures the traceability of information exchanges with all players in the production chain, thus simplifying relationships between suppliers and internal and external stakeholders in the supply chain. It accelerates decision-making and guarantees compliance with commitments in terms of quality, quantity and deadlines.


2. It ensures the traceability of products throughout their life cycle. The e-SCM solution organizes and standardizes the collection of traceability information throughout the supply process, associating it with the finest level of a finished product reference. In this way, brands can concretely demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental responsibility towards regulations and consumers.

Why establish the fashion ecosystem?

The mission of the French Women's Ready-to-Wear Federation is to bring together, represent and promote the development of companies in this sector by implementing innovative initiatives in France and internationally.

The fashion ecosystem was launched in spring 2021 as a hub bringing together experts and BtoB solutions. Its new version, unveiled in June, lists 229 professionals and offers an online appointment booking system. This

platform will be accompanied by a monthly newsletter, events and a podcast.

Brands and entrepreneurs will thus have access to detailed information and feedback, while having the possibility of contacting professionals to discuss eight major issues they encounter on a daily basis, such as the offer and the product, distribution, image, communication, digital, financing, management and social and environmental responsibility.