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Rip Curl

An intuitive and easy-to-deploy solution

Rip Curl & e-SCM solutions

The Australian board sports specialist Rip Curl has deployed the e-SCM solution for the monitoring and management of its purchase orders. In less than 10 months, e-SCM was deployed across the 6 divisions (Eyewear, Footwear, WetSuit, SurfWear, Mountainwear and equipment) and across all of its global entities (Australia, Europe, Asia, North and South America). South).

“e-SCM makes supplies more reliable, brings substantial productivity gains, increased capacity for planning logistics and distribution activities, the possibility of offering better service to our customers… It contributes to increasing the level of competence of the procurement team »

Operations Director of Rip Curl Europe

rip curl shop
The challenges of the project for Rip Curl
  • Replace existing tools with coordinated management.
  • Involve all players in the Supply Chain.
  • Harmonize processes and gain productivity.
  • Control production hazards.
  • Make the supply receipt schedule more reliable.