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Aigle & e-SCM solutions

AIGLE chose e-SCM to manage supply tracking, structure its Quality processes and make Customer reception schedules more reliable.
The project was deployed in 3 months on the basis of a standard e-SCM Core Model capable of handling the specificities of the two Textiles and Footwear divisions of the HONG KONG subsidiary.
AIGLE users and suppliers have immediately adopted the solution and are already confirming the advantages of the e-SCM Supplier Portal.
Successful feedback makes it possible to initiate deployment across the entire international scope of the company.


AIGLE selected the e-SCM solution because it contributes to the implementation of a Supply Chain Management approach. It makes it possible to rationalize the organization and control of supply management at different levels:

The challenges of the project for Aigle
  • Entering or importing orders.
  • The quality department.
  • Supervision of operations.