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Children Worldwide Fashion

Support the CWF group’s strategic plan

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Unify supply chain processes

Here is the testimony of Jérôme Boisseau , Head of the IT study and project division , who shared with us his feedback from the e-SCM Solutions solution.

Children Worldwide Fashion is one of the major players in luxury children's fashion . The group works for big names in fashion (Givenchy, Lanvin, Kenzo Kids, The Marc Jacobs...) for whom it presents identity and state of mind in exclusive collections . We develop 3,500 models per season, which are distributed in 2,500 points of sale and 12 market places.


We carried out the project to digitalize our supply chain 2 years ago, to support our strategic plan . At the heart of the challenges: decentralize purchasing, unify our organization's processes and control our data.

The tool works in collaborative mode which allows us to align all of our businesses and our suppliers and recreate links .

CWF children's fashion

All players in the supply chain benefit from this. The design of pre-series and series is digitalized to increase efficiency . Purchases are notified in real time of the final price set and gain in agility . Suppliers can make quick decisions in today's busy market. The manufacturing part is fully traced , from production indicators to quality tests. Finally, we secure the shipping process to better anticipate customs issues. Ultimately, our organization gains in responsiveness , agility and performance .

Digitalizing our supply chain allowed us to anticipate the application of the AGEC law on transparency towards our consumers. Now equipped with a single work repository, we naturally collect the information that we must transcribe in the form of a QR code . The data is already listed in e-SCM: quality monitoring, compliance, certificates etc.

With e-SCM, compliance with the AGEC law is done with minimal effort . All daily activity is at the service of our customers and the consumer. »
Jérôme BOISSEAU - Children Worldwide Fashion
Head of the IT study and project department