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Digitalization of the Fashion & Luxury supply chain, are we talking about it?

Questions surrounding  supply chain optimization are omnipresent today. For 70% of leaders in the clothing sector, the answer lies in the digitalization of processes (according to California Apparel News). Some brands, such as Rip Curl or Hummel, have understood this by collaborating and adopting our e-SCM solution. For each, the challenge was different but the goal was the same: optimize this supply chain through the digitalization of processes.

supply chain stakeholders but remains a way to gain effectiveness and efficiency . This is why it is essential to select a solution publisher who will be able to assess your needs and problems and, above all, respond to them. If you are not yet convinced by digitalization, we give you some pointers in the article Management and ROI: technology at the service of the Fashion supply chain ”, starting with the relationship between you and your future solution publisher.


The key to this collaboration is exchange and communication.  This is why we meet you at specialized events like this was the case on May 30 and 31 in Amsterdam during the PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum.

A forum to meet you, dedicated to your supply chain challenges

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During the two days of the Supply Chain Forum at the Postillon Hotel, Caroline our Northern Europe business developer and Pascal our sales director had the opportunity to discuss with fashion brands during one-to-one interviews around the challenges current.


This forum also offered conferences on themes such as traceability, quality and even digital transformation within the supply chain.


Laura Husband, journalist at Just Style, offers us feedback on this forum through the article “ PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum 2023 reveals flexibility is not enough”


We asked Caroline a few questions to find out more.  

Interview with Caroline, our business developer

IN : Hello Caroline, we are delighted to learn more today about your experience at the Supply Chain Forum Amsterdam, to start with who are you and who is e-SCM?

CA : Hello, I am Caroline Anziutti, business developer in the Northern Europe sector for the e-SCM solution which is a collaborative platform dedicated to brands in the Fashion & Luxury sector to optimize the management of their supply chain.


IN : Why did you participate in the Supply Chain Forum?


CA : We participated in the Supply Chain Forum in Amsterdam to discuss current issues with supply chain actors and stakeholders. Our desire is to propel our international development which has already started with our collaboration with the Hummel brand in particular. The one-to-one interviews offered at the forum allowed us to address the digitalization of the supply chain and to further present the functionalities of our solution. These moments of discussion are important for us, they allow us to understand the demand and the needs of the brands so that we can best respond to them using our expertise and experience of almost 20 years. All to help them gain productivity and efficiency.


IN : A great experience to exchange and meet these supply chain players! Can we learn more about your e-SCM solution? What are its main characteristics?


CA : The e-SCM solution is a collaborative platform that allows you to manage the supply chain. It facilitates coordination and relationships with suppliers and all actors in the chain by tracking operations and decisions taken during the supply cycle. It is therefore a collaborative workspace to share information in real time on a secure platform. It is of course dedicated to companies in the Fashion & Luxury sector. In summary, the e-SCM solution makes it possible to supervise, order, produce, ship and receive, in complete security and including all stakeholders in real time.


In summary, the e-SCM solution makes it possible to supervise , order , produce , ship and receive , in complete security and including all stakeholders .

IN : And so how do you help brands in the Fashion & Luxury sector?


CA  : The textile sector in general has experienced great unrest, particularly following the Covid-19 crisis. Supply chain management was carried out using Excel tables, with far too much information flow, which did not allow for a synthetic vision of operations and thus to carry out a risk analysis. On the other hand, the organization and reliability of supply chain processes were complicated and, above all, the planning and monitoring of all operations was done by email, telephone or fax, which represented a very resource-intensive job. This also leads me to talk about the CSR issues facing companies in this sector and which will find a response in our solution since it optimizes exchanges, rationalizes supplies and thus allows great traceability.


IN : And so today, which brands trust you?


CA  : Today the majority of our customers have trusted us for several years, starting with Rip Curl who implemented the solution when we started, 17 years ago. We now have brands like Eden Park, Petit Bateau, Aigle, CWF and more recently Hummel and Bellerose.


IN : What challenges are these brands facing and how does the e-SCM solution respond to them?


CA  : For the majority of them, the main challenge is to coordinate supplies and optimize the exchange of information between all stakeholders. The e-SCM solution has thus enabled a gain in productivity, an improvement in supplier monitoring, and reliability of the forecast reception schedule, all thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-deploy solution. This facility is justified in particular by the presence and support of e-SCM teams who respond to customer needs and with extensive experience and business expertise.

This feedback highlights the challenges that the e-SCM solution responds to  on a daily basis in the textile and clothing sector . Answers that you will find in more detail in our different case studies. You can also communicate directly with Antto n , our business developer .