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Traceability & sustainable commitment of brands

Supply Chain management, with e-SCM solutions, strengthens the traceability of operations to improve the performance of brands and meet the obligation of transparency on their CSR commitments.

e-SCM structures & simplifies

Traceability & CSR

Market pressure requires greater transparency on the origin, manufacturing conditions and delivery of products. It acts as a catalyst to refocus the economic model on eco-design and promote the company's products and image.


e-SCM structures and simplifies the collection of traceability information throughout the supply cycle. The Brand can then concretely demonstrate to the consumer that it respects its commitments to sustainable fashion.

escm traceability
traceability and CSR e-scm

A unique code


Via a unique code generated for each batch of finished product, it becomes possible to access all or part of the traceability data at the finest level (or SKU):

  • Origin of the raw material with Quality certificate or Label Identification of the different processing and production sites incorporating CSR commitments and their eco-responsible characteristics
  • Mode of transport and delivery with place of loading and unloading

Total control


The display of traceability data is obtained as standard via a unique QR Code. Brands define the data they wish to highlight to demonstrate and demonstrate their responsible commitments.

This aspect becomes particularly important in the marketing strategy to provide convincing information to the end consumer, directly via a web page specific to the Brand, via trusted third parties or certifying Labels.

Total control of data makes it possible to define a different communication strategy during the product life cycle, adapted to each consumer profile: in the store, after sale until a second life or its dismantling for recycling.

e-scm traceability

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With e-SCM, control the traceability of your products throughout your supply cycle

In the different e-SCM modules, specific tools allow each link in the Supply Chain to record and share traceability information reliably between stakeholders.

Raw materials & components

Monitoring of information relating to raw materials and components (origin and quality) and suppliers.

Confirmation of Purchase Orders

Selection of suppliers, definition of product quality criteria and raw materials and components

Production & Quality Monitoring

Monitoring information relating to quality controls of finished products

Delivery tracking

Monitoring of modes of transport and delivery operations of finished products

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