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How to comply with the new requirements of the AGEC law?

replay webinar e-SCM AGEC law June 2022

During this webinar, we will focus on the theme “ Better inform consumers ” to understand the new requirements of the AGEC law that players in the textile industry will have to respond to and how to respond to them.

Brands must anticipate upcoming regulations at the European level, prepare to implement environmental labeling for their products and comply with the new requirements of the AGEC law .

The stakes are high for the fashion sector, which must put in place new approaches and new mechanisms to ensure the traceability of materials and industrial processes throughout the production and delivery chain, in order to translate it into the product information delivered to the consumer.

With the aim of demonstrating that CSR commitments are reflected in concrete terms on each finished product and behind each label.

Register and come and discuss your specific issues with our experts.

*e-SCM is a solution dedicated to the fashion and luxury industry, to manage and structure supply chains. e-SCM puts Supply Chain traceability at the service of CSR transparency for brands.