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ISLI FORUM celebrates 40 years of Supply Chain at KEDGE Business School!

On May 24, e-SCM Solutions will participate in the ISLI forum, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year. The event will take place on the Kedge Business School campus in Bordeaux and will bring together Supply Chain experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of this constantly evolving field.


From the origins of global logistics to the new challenges of the Supply Chain

The ISLI is back for its 32nd edition. A special edition, the ISLI will celebrate its 40th anniversary! During this anniversary day, the forum will address the theme: “40 years: from the origins of global logistics to the new challenges of the Supply Chain ”. Students, alumni and supply chain professionals will be at the heart of this forum. Sector specialists will debate around 4 round tables on Friday, May 24 on the Talence campus during the day.



Testimony and sharing of experience

e-SCM , as a publisher and expert in supply management in the fashion & luxury sector, will participate on May 24 in this 32nd edition of the ISLI forum. A day of sharing and meeting to exchange with the leaders in innovation and sustainable Supply Chain.

Patrick BOURG, director of operations at e-SCM Solutions , will participate in the round table entitled “The supply chain in the circular era: the challenges of an inevitable transformation”.

“For more than 20 years, as the publisher of a solution dedicated to the upstream Supply Chain for the Fashion & Luxury Textile industry, we have been supporting the major changes in the sector. Today, the upstream Supply Chain has become a crucial strategic issue for respecting marketing commitments in a complex international context and a tense economic environment. We place data at the heart of our operations to meet the challenges of a transition towards circular models, to face increasingly restrictive regulations or to manage optimized profitability of supplies.

As a founding partner of e-SCM Solution, I am delighted to share our experience at the Kedge Business School ISLI forum and to participate in the reflections on the challenges of an inevitable transformation towards a more circular . » Patrick BOURG



8:30 a.m .: Welcome and Introduction

9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.: Round table 1 : Retrospective on the last 40 years: the genesis of the Supply Chain

11:00 – 12:15: Round table 2 : The Supply Chain facing its responsibilities, how to move forward?

12:30 – 1:45 p.m .: Lunch break

2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.: Round table 3 : Digitalization, the tool of the next revolution

4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.: Round table 4 : The Supply Chain in the Circular Era: the challenges of an inevitable transformation

5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m .: Closing


ISLI, a 360° supply chain program

kedge BS logoSince its inception, ISLI has been at the forefront of training future leaders in the dynamic world of supply chain management.

Created in 1984 by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and ASLOG (now France Supply Chain ), ISLI is a historic training course in supply chain management. It offers two initial training courses and continuing training, part of the premium programs of the Kedge , the result of the merger of the Marseille and Bordeaux business schools.

ISLI's programs cover global supply chain management with Bac+5/Bac+6 level courses, accredited by the Conference of Grandes Écoles and the RNCP, and taught in English. The lessons cover all aspects of the supply chain, from upstream to downstream, including production, planning, distribution, transport and customer relations, with a particular emphasis on sustainability, including reverse logistics and reducing the carbon footprint.

Career opportunities for graduates are concentrated in the area of ​​supply chain management, with emerging opportunities such as data analysis and sustainable supply chain design. The manufacturing, consulting, retail and e-commerce sectors offer employment prospects, with a rapid progression towards management positions in supply chain management.

Don't miss this day of conferences dedicated to the supply chain PROFESSION! 4 round tables with high-level speakers… rich exchanges, networking and the 40th anniversary of the ISLI Master.


Discover e-SCM Solutions to strengthen your upstream supply strategy!

As an expert in upstream supply management in the fashion and luxury sector, e-SCM Solutions offers tailored solutions to optimize its end-to-end chain processes.


With our collaborative platform, e-SCM Solutions , benefit from a complete operational vision of your supply chain. Control your processes transparently, ensure the compliance and traceability of your collections. From order management to receiving goods in the warehouse, our solution allows you to effectively manage each stage of your supplies.


SRM (Supplier relationship management), AOM (Advanced Order Management), TMS (Transport Management System) and DPP (Digital Product Passport) are brought together in a single platform, e-SCM , to meet the sector's needs to remain agile, efficient and transparent.


Consult our article “better manage the production launch” to find out more.