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e-SCM x eP Summit: 3 Reasons to Come See Us! 


e-SCM is flying to Italy!

On April 9 and 10, meet Caroline and Pascal at the eP  Summit in Florence. On the program, two days of discussions and sharing around your fashion and supply . A unique experience at Stazione Leopolda where you can learn more about our collaborative supply management platform.

e-scm supply chain dashboard


Collaborative Platform for Optimal Management

Dive into the world of simplified supply chain management with our collaborative platform. Obtain a 360° vision of your supply chain, allowing better anticipation of needs and optimization of flows.  


Saving Time and Productivity 

Find out how our solution limits risks and improves productivity. With ROIs recognized by our clients, benefit from significant gains such as:  

  • A 12% reduction in residual stock, 
  • A 10% reduction in freight transport costs, 
  •  A 25% reduction in disputes with suppliers, 
  • And a 20% gain in productivity! 


Intuitive Dashboard for Effective Monitoring 

Explore our intuitive dashboard which allows you to monitor the performance of your supply chain in real time. Clear and precise data helps you make informed decisions to optimize your operations, all in effective collaboration with all stakeholders.   


20 Years of Expertise at the Service of Your Digitalization

Meet our experts in the fashion and luxury sector, with almost two decades of experience.  Find out how our digitalization strategies meet the specific challenges of your industry. With concrete examples of brands that trust us, such as Rip Curl  and Intersport , benefit from sound advice to propel your business towards productivity and performance .


eP summit x e-scm

Concrete examples

Rip Curl and e-SCM represent the first success story of the use of the platform with the main challenges for the brand: 

  • Replace existing, time-consuming tools such as Excel and emails  
  • Control production hazards 
  • Make reception schedules more reliable  
  • Facilitate collaboration among all stakeholders  

With rapid implementation and which was able to meet the challenges and objectives of the famous Rip Curl brand.    

More recently, a collaboration to overhaul the Intersport France procurement process was more than effective and very quickly revealed benefits to respond to the following challenges: 

  • Restructuring the sourcing strategy  
  • Optimize the fluidity of operations  
  • Establish a closer relationship with suppliers  
  • Establish transparent processes  
  • Anticipate and resolve potential problems 

With a rapid implementation, Intersport and e-SCM were able to find a productive and efficient line of work, which allowed the group to centralize information in real time, improve the visibility of the process, limit the manual processing of data and finally to standardize practices and strengthen communication with suppliers.  

An effective collaboration which was highlighted during a conference at the Supply Chain Event 2023 with in particular the export manager of Intersport.  

User Club: A Space for Exchange and Innovation

But e-SCM is also a team that listens to you and is committed to ongoing collaboration towards more sustainable and innovative fashion.  This is why our customers can discuss during our User Club meetings , a privileged space dedicated to exchange and innovation. They share their experiences, explore best practices and participate in brainstorming sessions to push the boundaries of digitalization in the fashion and luxury sector.


Benefit from the Advantages of Networking

Explore networking opportunities with e-P CONNECT and connect with many tech players at eP Summit. Exchange with potential partners, discover new solutions and expand your professional network to stimulate innovation and growth of your business.  


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