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Expertise and experience: e-SCM serving the textile industry! 

At  e -SCM Solutions, we like to believe that our expertise is as varied and rich as the seasonal fashion collections ! Whether you are in sportswear or fashion , we have supported renowned brands, such as Rip Curl , for over 15 years, or Eden Park, CWF but also Isabelle Marrant and others .

e-scm experience and expertise


Unique expertise

Children's fashion 

Children's fashion is not child's play! Strict quality standards, ever-changing trends and high expectations make this sector an exciting challenge. e-SCM Solutions responds to these challenges alongside Petit Bateau and Children Worldwide Fashion, in particular by modernizing their processes and helping them to master data to anticipate and respond quickly to market demands.  


In the dynamic world of sportswear, speed and flexibility are essential. We work with market leaders to unify their processes and ensure effective supply chain management. Whether for production management or transport monitoring, our expertise has allowed our clients like Rip Curl or Intersport to stay ahead of the race.  


We are working with iconic lingerie brand Chantelle to perfect their supply chain. This collaboration with Chantelle illustrates our ability to adapt our solutions to the specificities and needs of the most demanding sectors.  

Premium mode 

We also have the pleasure of collaborating with prestigious brands such as Isabel Marant, Ba&sh, and Eden Park, illustrating our ability to meet the requirements and challenges of their strategic field. From mastering the custom product, through change management and digitalization to monitoring outsourced production, it is a specific approach that the e-SCM solution has adopted here.


Modernize processes

Innovation never stops. In an industry where technologies are constantly evolving, modernizing processes is crucial. We have helped our clients integrate advanced digital solutions to automate and optimize each stage of their supply chain.  

Master the data 

Mastering data is essential for informed decision-making. Our solution thus makes it possible to collect, analyze and use data to improve productivity and “time to market” in an optimal manner, all to maximize operational efficiency and achieve the company's strategic objectives.   

Unify processes 

Faced with the complexity of disparate processes and systems that do not communicate with each other, the e-SCM solution also focuses on the unification of processes. This therefore allows seamless coordination between the different stakeholders, from design to distribution.  

Bringing all these stakeholders together 

The success of a supply chain relies on effective collaboration between all stakeholders. We worked hand-in-hand with our customers to bring together all stakeholders, from suppliers to freight forwarders to internal teams. This collaboration is essential for improved communication and therefore responsiveness.   


Understand and respond to them

Digital transformation is a complex job to carry out.  

Brands have understood the need for a digitalized system so that it can be optimized. 

The expertise of the e-SCM teams is an asset to this digitalization work. We support fashion brands in their digital transition, by offering personalized solutions and ongoing support.   


Develop relationships with suppliers 

A good relationship with suppliers is essential for a smooth supply chain. We help our clients develop and strengthen relationships, promoting transparency and collaboration.   


At e-SCM Solutions, we put our expertise at the service of our clients to meet the challenges of the textile sector. Whether it is to modernize processes, control data, unify processes or bring together all stakeholders, we are here to support you at every step. Let’s meet the challenges of tomorrow’s supply chain together!