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e-SCM at the Habit Impact Day forum in Stockholm: innovation for a sustainable transformation of fashion


Innovation for a sustainable transformation of fashion

We are pleased to announce the participation of the e-SCM team in the Habit Impact Day , the meeting place for sustainable fashion experts.

Habit Impact Day | May 23, 2024 |Brygghuset, Norrtullsgatan 12N Stockholm

Join us in Stockholm for a day of inspiration, innovation and action towards a more responsible fashion industry.

Don't miss the unmissable sustainable fashion event!

Habit impact day program
Caroline Anziutti and Sicco Roorda

Habit Impact Day is not just an event, it is an opportunity to activate change. You will have the opportunity to meet experts, discover innovations and technological solutions that will help brands meet the challenges of the sector. Together, we will explore the latest trends, share innovative ideas and create partnerships to transform the industry.


On the program: conferences, round tables, expert meetings and latest innovations to prepare for the future. 

Consult the detailed program.

Caroline Anziutti, e-SCM and Sicco Roo, Accist Advisory, will speak to present how the digitalization of the procurement process helps to promote transparency and performance.


Feedback: supply chain digitalization project

Caroline, our international representative, will speak at a workshop to share feedback from our client Intersport and in particular on the use of the solution in the overhaul of their supply strategy. His intervention will highlight e-SCM's commitment to successful transformation at Intersport: SRM (Supplier Relashionship Management), AOM (Advanced Order Management), TMS (Transport Management System).


“e-SCM has simplified processes, improved communication, and increased data reliability. Anticipation, transparency, and collaboration ensured the success of this project. “  

Limited places & registration required.

e-SCM workshop | Habit Impact Day

May 23, 2024 | 8 a.m.-8:30 a.m. | Brygghuset, Norrtullsgatan 12N Stockholm



  • A robust and scalable infrastructure based on MS Azure services offering high availability and great scalability allowing the growth of your activity without additional investments.
  • Platform supervised by our teams and by automatic systems relaying Azure services offering high availability guarantees.
  • Subscription flexibility without having to invest in dedicated solutions. Clear and defined subscription from the moment you join, no surprises, no commitment.
  • Rapid deployment: Your solution, on several environments, is available in a few hours and upgrades effortlessly.
  • Ultra-secure access based on current standards and protocols that are constantly being questioned. Ability to use Azure AD services to simplify adding solution users.
  • All your data is backed up and available on demand in the event of production incidents with daily backups.

Intersport Success Story

Discover how e-SCM supported the group's innovation strategy in the digitalization of the procurement process for better efficiency.


Linear supply chain models no longer apply to market demands and fashion brands are turning to connected ecosystems to address many challenges since the pandemic.

Using e-SCM, Intersport teams were able to simplify operational processes and foster collaboration between all stakeholders in real time, while achieving full transparency.

Automated data collection is more accurate and comprehensive to ensure supplier fulfillment of purchase orders and compliance with legislation.

The automation of transport flows allows better anticipation of capacity and rationalization of costs with a better balanced relationship with freight forwarders.

Learn how e-SCM becomes a central data repository and empowers teams to make more informed decisions with end-to-end visibility.

Join Caroline Anziutti, Sales & Business Developer at e-SCM, for a workshop to deepen the feedback on experience as publisher of the solution.


Technology at the service of an agile and sustainable supply chain

Specializing in the Fashion & Luxury , our team supports brands in the digital transformation of their Supply Chain to improve the management of their production and make delivery commitments more reliable.

Come discover e-SCM , an innovative solution allowing brands to optimize their supply chain, from raw material to finished product, from order to delivery, in order to guarantee conformity and traceability of products as well as deadlines of placing on the market.

Thanks to dashboards bringing together all performance indicators, the e-SCM offers a 360° vision of the procurement process.

It strengthens the traceability of operations to improve the performance of brands and meet French and European regulations with the generation of the Digital Product Passport.

Our ambition is to support the transition towards more sustainable and responsible fashion.