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Digital Cleanup Day 2024: Ready for the digital tri-athlon?


Discover Digital Cleanup Day!

The Digital Cleanup Day is a global event , co -sponsored by the Responsible Digital Institute and the World Cleanup Day – France, which aims to bring together all the players in the region to clean our data, repair or recycle our digital equipment, in order to reduce our digital footprint.

Digital cleanup day 2024


Say goodbye to digital clutter

Is your inbox overflowing with unread emails, forgotten newsletters and old messages? Digital Cleanup Day is therefore the perfect time to clean up . By cleaning your mailbox, you will gain productivity, efficiency and peace of mind.



Protect your privacy

By keeping a tidy inbox, you reduce the risk of data leaks and privacy violations. Deleting old messages and unnecessary attachments helps protect your personal and confidential information.



Protect your planet

The current digital situation is quite alarming. Indeed, in France, 2.4% of carbon emissions come from digital compared to 2% for waste. Overall, 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions are due to digital technology and this figure could double by 2025 if we do nothing.


Mark the date in your calendar

Digital Cleanup Day will take place on March 16, 2024 , it is a Saturday but everyone is free to do it during the week before or after this day . Block off a slot to dedicate time to cleaning out your inbox. The sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of a tidy inbox !

Digital cleanup day 2024
Digital cleanup day 2024


How will things work at e-SCM?

To help you with your cleaning journey, we will be sharing our Digital Cleanup Day live.  At e-SCM, we named it “ Garbiketa Eguna ”, to honor our Basque origins! In the meantime, here is the program for the week of March 18 to 22, 2024 !

During this week, the whole team will be invited to do a big spring cleaning! In fact, 1 hour will be dedicated to it so that it empties, archives and deletes as much data as possible! The deletion takes place both on e-mail boxes but also on the cloud and the landline.   

In addition, a SMART BOX will be made available at the entrance to the premises in partnership with Ecologic and Les Ateliers du Bocage in order to collect old smartphones, working or not, to recycle and recondition them. Thanks to this action, we can recover a large number of phones which will be tested and given a new life with almost 82% recycled materials.   

The week following our Digital  Cleanup day , we will share the results over a friendly breakfast to take stock of this new edition . It will also be an opportunity to award prizes for the best cleaners , the best responsible digital ambassadors


An action that is part of our commitments

Since March 2023, e-SCM has been labeled Responsible Digital at level 1 by the LUCIE Agency . The approach to digital responsibility is part of our CSR policy since 2018 aimed at being an environmentally conscious, ecosystem-based company and responsible towards our employees, our customers and our partners. Our objective is to implement “Responsible Digital” best practices for a better quality of life at work and to support our clients towards responsible digital practices.

Get ready to make your email and feel lighter and more organized thanks to Digital Cleanup Day 2024!