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Children Worldwide Fashion x e-SCM: Digitalization serving a new strategic organization of supplies

CWF e-scm customer announcement

As part of a new strategic organization of supplies, the Children Worldwide Fashion (CWF) has launched a project to digitalize its upstream Supply Chain.

e-SCM supply management solution was chosen to strengthen the business tools of Supply teams, secure exchanges, monitor suppliers and provide visibility on the progress of production and the transport of finished products. This approach thus supports the strong development strategy adopted by the company.

Why did the CWF group choose to digitalize its upstream Supply Chain?

 It was the establishment of a new internal organization to optimize collaboration with its suppliers that prompted the use of digitalization of procurement processes and thus create a 360° vision .


e-SCM supply management solution was chosen because it meets the group's technological and business challenges


  • Strengthen the operational efficiency of the CWF group : the adoption of the e-SCM solution made it possible to absorb strong brand growth by processing large volumes over a season thanks to real-time management of end-to-end production. -end of the chain. CWF has taken a step further from a volume management point of view.


  • Improve Supplier relationships : centralizing information on the e-SCM collaborative platform facilitates sharing with all stakeholders. All decisions are made in consultation and traced in real time. The dynamics of exchanges and the quality of work are thus reinforced.


  • Facilitate change management : the simplicity of implementation has made it possible for all of the group's suppliers to adopt the e-SCM tool smoothly and without constraints. Adherence to this type of solution constitutes one of the key success factors of the project.


  • Promote the transversality of the approach : all players in the Supply Chain are included in the e-SCM platform for easier management: internal CWF services (quality/compliance, purchasing, import), suppliers (factory), production laboratories control, freight forwarders, logistician.


  • Ensure traceability and conformity of products : the workflow system offered by the tool allows global traceability of products. It thus makes it possible to meet regulatory and consumer requirements. The data is collected end-to-end and constitutes tangible and verifiable elements.

Watch our client’s testimonial Children Worldwine Fashion

Jérôme & Pascal CWF e-SCM

It seems interesting to us to share with you the testimony of the CWF group which took place during a conference on digitalization in the service of a new strategic organization of supplies at the Supply Chain Event trade fair in Paris.

Meet our 2 speakers: Jérôme Boisseau, head of the CWF study and IT project department and Pascal Saint-Pierre, sales manager, publisher/integrator of the e-SCM solution. You will thus be able to understand how the use of a platform such as e-SCM was able to respond to the group's problems and made it possible to make the organization agile.

e-SCM to meet the traceability and collaboration challenges of Supply teams


e-SCM solution makes it possible to address the challenges of production traceability collaboration of teams dedicated to the Supply Chain within CWF with its key functions:


  • Supervise and control the planning of outsourced production for all brands
  • Improve the tracking of purchase orders by SKU to adjust production timing as closely as possible to commercial needs
  • Harmonize procedures between all suppliers regardless of the origin of purchase orders
  • Adjust and rationalize supplies in real time to make the planning and reception schedule more reliable
  • Provide visibility on the transport of finished products.
  • Master the information on packing lists and package labels.

e-SCM platform , a true repository common to all players in the Supply Chain, avoids re-entries, eliminates file version conflicts, reduces the number of emails exchanged, traces decisions taken and manages possible disputes with your suppliers .


Relying on this traceability , all strategic information is scrutinized by the e-SCM Quality procedures , by following, milestone after milestone, the industrial and logistics flow.



“Our mission for 50 years: to enchant children’s fashion. How ? Every day we capture the essence of the style of the big names in fashion, we express their identity and their state of mind in iconic pieces for children, we imagine exclusive collections and “mini-me” looks, we offer the best style for a childhood that is joyful, fresh, chic and elegant.

GIVENCHY, LANVIN, CHLOE, KENZO KIDS, THE MARC JACOBS, PAUL SMITH JUNIOR, KARL LAGERFELD KIDS, DKNY, ZADIG&VOLTAIRE, BOSS KIDSWEAR, AIGLE, TIMBERLAND… The biggest international ready-to-wear brands trust CWF to offer close 55 new collections for girls and boys aged 0 to 16 each year. From the sourcing of raw materials to the selection of points of sale and customer service, the CWF group provides a tailor-made service for brands, as well as for children wherever they grow up in the world. »





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