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New CARBON e-SCM module for a responsible supply chain!

supply chain management has become essential for companies in the fashion . With increasingly strict carbon footprint , it is essential to measure and reduce the environmental impact of each stage of the supply chain. This is where the new module integrated into e -SCM for the automatic calculation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) from freight transport.


Why is calculating GHG emissions essential?

The climate emergency is at the heart of global concerns, and fashion companies play a key role in reducing GHG emissions . In France, article 173 of the energy transition for green growth law requires private companies with more than 500 employees to report their carbon emissions generated by their activity. In addition, beneficiaries of the France Relance Plan have been subject to these obligations since the decree of July 1, 2022. To comply with these regulations, it is crucial to have effective tools to assess and reduce GHG emissions.

e-scm carbon footprint


Calculating GHG emissions: how does it work?

The calculation of e-SCM GHG emissions detailed data throughout the supply chain. Freight forwarders and transport providers can provide specific information on the handling of goods, regardless of the mode of transport used: air, rail, road, or sea. This data is then automatically integrated into the EcoTransit World , which provides an accurate assessment of GHG emissions based on the route, mode of transport, and weight of goods.


Our partnership with EcoTransIT World

e -SCM collaborates with EcoTransIT World , a recognized expert in calculating GHG emissions linked to global transport chains. It enables the full calculation of global transport chains with all modes of transport (truck, ship, plane, train, riverboat), including transshipment and warehousing. Their scientific method, developed in close collaboration with neutral institutes (ifeu, INFRAS, Fraunhofer IML), guarantees high reliability. EcoTransIT World complies with current standards: GLEC Framework accreditation, EN 16258 standard and GHG Protocol (Corporate Standard).


The key advantages of the “CARBON” e-SCM module

Are you ready to transform your supply chain?

The new e-SCM “Carbon” module offers brands the means to measure and reduce their carbon footprint from freight transport , while meeting growing legal requirements in terms of GHG reporting.

If you would like to learn more about how e-SCM can help you transform your supply management and contribute to a more sustainable future, please do not hesitate to contact us.