Managing your textile supply chain: make the right decisions at the right time!

Supply chain - e-SCM

Long considered as a necessary evil, the Supply Chain has become the crucial link for companies to satisfy their customers and to optimize their supply costs. In fact, the numerous studies on the stakes of the latter systematically put forward the need for anticipation of the actors in front of the encountered hazards. Changes in availability dates or prices, quality defects, production delays or raw material shortages are all reasons why the initial objectives are not met.

The key elements of Supply Chain Event Management

In the textile industry, the Supply Chain is a complex process to organize and manage because it involves several different actors, on different time zones and over relatively long periods. The Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM) allows to rationalize the organization and the piloting of the management of its supplies.


It relies on both an organization and collaborative tools capable of involving each actor in the supply chain. Maximum efficiency is achieved when each person is informed in real time without even having requested the information that is useful to them and that allows them to react and adapt.


The implementation of a CDS tool is based on 2 assumptions:

  • Data entry at the source of the information, i.e. directly by the holder. The challenge is to avoid fishing for information and redundant data entry.
  • The provision of a useful service in exchange for information to encourage actors to contribute.

e-SCM, a collaborative operational management tool 

With more than 16 years of experience in the field, e-SCM supports our clients in the fashion and luxury industries in their management of outsourced supplies. e-SCM now offers integrated management tools to control and supervise this activity. Through simple, customizable and intuitive dashboards, the supplier now has a steering "cockpit " to observe, measure and act on his supplies. In real time, he can observe production problems and contact his supplier to understand what is happening and, if necessary, take steps to remedy the problem. In the same way, he will have tools to ensure that all his quality controls are carried out on time and in fact will be able to intervene with his interlocutors to take the necessary measures to respect their specifications.

The supplier no longer acts in reaction but becomes an actor of the Supply by setting the pace that will enable the company to deliver on time to its customers. They now focus on high value-added tasks that are real performance drivers.


At the same time, the other actors in the chain will also have information allowing them to act accordingly to achieve their objectives. Of course, these indicators are dedicated to them and correspond to their needs. For example, if a supplier has not received the raw material to start production, he is alerted from his home page and can contact the principal.

The e-SCM solution has become the benchmark solution for supply management. The feedback from our customers proves it!



e-SCM's comprehensive set of customizable tools and ergonomic design gives users the opportunity to make the right decisions at the right time. The increased visibility on all steps offers more flexibility and allows to make this key step a success vector for the company.