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LUXE: How to respond to the challenges of securing supplies?

escm luxury supply

Luxury sector is undergoing digital transformation. The major constraints of the sector's logistics are linked to security , the fight against counterfeiting and the requirements of the AGEC .

Luxury players must respond to the demands of an increasingly demanding clientele, the premium customer experience is evolving and it must be of high quality .

Therefore, the supply chain becomes a key element to satisfy customers in terms of quality , speed and safety .

Thus, the needs of Luxury are oriented towards securing logistics flows offering a guarantee of traceability throughout the chain.

What are the challenges of sourcing in Luxury?

Luxury players operate in tight flow and in close collaboration with the various players in the supply chain to be able to meet the requirements of speed , transparency and security . This allows them to limit their stocks.

They have a permanent need to be able to control information in real time , in conjunction with stakeholders to be able to manage the supply process as accurately as possible.

Major luxury are committed to strengthening their criteria in terms of traceability and ethics in the sourcing of their precious materials in order to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

How does e-SCM support luxury players to optimize their supply chain?

e-SCM Solutions is a collaborative platform that connects all players in the supply chain, thus streamlining the exchange of information available in real time.


Whether internally or externally, the brand will have a 360° vision of the supply process, allowing it to monitor and readjust its flows using management indicators.


The brand will thus have broad visibility over its entire Supply Chain process: ordering, production, quality, shipping, delivery, traceability and will thus be able to obtain better profitability of operational services.

There are many advantages for a luxury brand to use a supply management platform.

Strengthen collaboration with all stakeholders and be able to trace all decisions.


Being able to adapt to production or transport constraints thanks to an agile organization and increasing its responsiveness. Guarantee commitments on manufacturing and delivery times.

Have a global vision of the entire process and improve product traceability. The digital product passport allows the brand to communicate with its customers the necessary information related to a product throughout the product life cycle. This will facilitate the implementation of a circular economy for the second life of the product.

Organize the delivery of products in conjunction with logistics providers with increased visibility allowing the reduction of delivery times.

The digitalization of the Supply Chain will therefore have a direct impact on the performance and security of end-to-end processes in the chain, which will also improve the quality of service .


The brand will be able to meet the increasingly stringent demands of the Luxury sector, for security and speed , while controlling the aspects of quality and product traceability


Information centralized and shared with all stakeholders


Fast and easy decision-making in the event of an anomaly


A digital passport for each product


Milestones to be respected to validate product conformity

With e-SCM all product data can be used to populate a Digital Product Passport and demonstrate to the consumer that the brand's commitments are being respected.


Supply Chain management with e-SCM strengthens the traceability of operations to improve company performance and meet the obligation of transparency on CSR commitments.