White Paper Traceability
Fashion and luxury sector

Traceability & transparency of the supply cycle for a more responsible fashion

This is the introductory part of our White Paper on the theme of traceability in the fashion and luxury sector. If you wish to obtain the complete document, please click on the language of your choice.

white paper traceability-e-SCM

How to meet the need for traceability and transparency in your industry?

The textile and clothing industry, like many other sectors, is faced with several challenges: an ecological crisis coupled with an economic crisis, as well as the need to take into account the social conditions of the operators who work throughout the production chain of textile products.

Full traceability of the supply chain could be a key tool to optimize production and better understand the environmental, social and economic impacts of manufacturing.
Also, this in-depth knowledge of the supply chain could be transparently communicated to consumers so that they can make informed purchasing decisions.

In this white paper, we would like to present the stakes, the benefits and the context of transparency and traceability in the fashion & luxury industry.


Patrick Bourg, founding partner of the e-SCM solution, testifies to the importance of data control in the process.


We present the work of Pantxika Ospital, PhD student at Belharra, on the state of the art of technological means supporting traceability and transparency for brands.


We also share some feedback on this topic that we have been able to implement: Children Wordwild Fashion, Bocage, collective Tricolor.


In conclusion, we show how the e-SCM platform makes it possible to reconcile the balance between economic and eco-responsibility imperatives, consumer expectations for greater transparency and the requirements of increasingly stringent regulations.

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