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Grazie eP Summit 2024: e-SCM’s return on this first Italian experience  

On April 9 and 10, Caroline and Pascal represented e-SCM Solutions at the eP Summit show in Florence. e-SCM's participation in the eP Summit was an enriching experience which allowed our team to interact with professionals in the fashion and luxury field, to present our platform and above all to understand this new market.   

Thank you to the organizers of the eP Summit show in Florence for their professionalism, the selection of experts present at the show and the proposed program. Relive with us these two days of exchange, sharing and innovation!  


Respond to fashion challenges with tech!

e-SCM Solutions is a collaborative platform designed to optimize supply management. It offers an end-to-end operational vision of the chain, strengthening relationships with suppliers, allowing fashion and luxury brands increased productivity gains!  

Caroline and Pascal were able to present the current challenges of digitalization of processes for brand performance. Digitalization which thus becomes essential and possible with platforms like e-SCM Solutions. From planning to execution, inventory management and supplier collaboration, e-SCM provides increased visibility and control over the entire process, enabling brands to gain operational efficiency and competitiveness.    


Fashion & technology: the meeting!

The eP Summit 2024 was an opportunity to bring together key players in fashion and technology to explore the emerging trends and advancements that are shaping the future of these industries.   

On the program for these two days, the watchword was innovation! Meetings between people involved in digitalization in the fashion and luxury industry and software and hardware solutions to optimize the supply chain, personalize the shopping experience, promote transparency and sustainability, leverage artificial intelligence and much more. Focus on artificial intelligence and its applications in the fashion and luxury sector.  


Collaborator testimony: Caroline

IN: Hello, we are live from the eP Summit show in Florence, so first of all, who are you?

CA  : Ciao! I'm Caroline, I'm part of the sales team and I joined e-SCM for international development, particularly Europe.


IN: Pleased Caroline, can you introduce e-SCM in 3 words? 


CA  : Three words…I will say, Suppliers, Digitalization and Collaboration

Suppliers  : because with e-SCM, suppliers return to the central place of the procurement processes and this makes it possible to strengthen relationships with them;

Digitalization  : We are here to promote a digital solution to work with all actors in the supply chain in real time, which in my opinion is beneficial for the future of the Supply Chain;

Collaboration  : the e-SCM solution makes it possible to share this visibility with all the suppliers involved in the chain, and to encourage teamwork!


IN: And then why is e-SCM at the eP Summit?   


CA : We are at the eP Summit because, as I said before, the digitalization of processes for fashion brands is essential for increased productivity and performance.  Our presence here: it is to exchange, to meet the players who make the fashion industry what it is and thus to be able to commit together to sustainable, productive and efficient processes!


IN: Grazie Caroline for your return!    

In conclusion, e-SCM Solutions' participation in eP  Summit 2024 was a real success. We were able to present our platform, interact with industry experts and establish new contacts. Thanks to everyone who came to meet us and stay tuned…events are coming!!