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e-SCM referenced on the “Green Resources” platform of the French Women’s Ready to Wear Federation!

green e-SCM resources

The mission of the French Federation of Women's Ready-to-Wear is to support the clothing industry in its transition to a more sustainable . To do this, it has just launched, with the support of the Challenge, its “ Green Resources ” platform.

Green Resources Platform presents a selection of qualified and market-recognized solutions to help brands succeed or accelerate their transition to a more sustainable . The solutions cover different needs: Sourcing of materials, certification bodies, CSR consulting firms, traceability solutions, supplies, innovations, etc.

The e-SCM solution, following validation by a committee of experts, was selected to be part of the “green resources” of the platform. A tool for monitoring and traceability of production and supplies, e-SCM allows brands to implement more respectful processes and demonstrate their CSR commitments to their consumers.  e-SCM responds to a double problem:

traceability information throughout the supply cycle to link it to the finest level of the SKU of a finished product. The Brand can then concretely demonstrate to the consumer that its CSR commitments are being respected.

e-SCM supervision simplifies the textile sourcing between suppliers, internal and external actors in the supply chain to accelerate decision-making and respect commitments in Quality, Quantity and Delivery.