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e-SCM x Peftrust®: a “Tech for good” solution to meet the requirements of French and European regulations

The digital supply chain specialist e-SCM and the Peftrust® environmental display solution developed by L'EMPREINTE, pool their expertise to meet the requirements of French and European regulations in the sector.  


The industry faces new, restrictive environmental regulations in a tense economic environment (retention of raw materials, logistics costs, consumer expectations). These new obligations are all opportunities to accelerate the ecological transition, commit to an eco-design approach and optimize production or logistics costs, to develop a new value proposition.    


A 360° vision: from supply chain management to environmental assessment


e  - SCM x Peftrust ® meets the new challenges of the Fashion and Luxury industry

e-SCM and Peftrust® innovate with a 360° vision : from supply management to environmental assessment. Total supply chain traceability becomes central to optimizing the production of collections and better understanding their environmental, social and economic impacts. 


The e-SCM x Peftrust® “Tech for good” value proposition: 

  • Manage and rationalize the supply chain with all the players involved: from raw material to finished product, until receipt in the warehouse. 
  • Collect and log all data entered at source, throughout the production and delivery cycle, in collaboration with all internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Finely measure the overall environmental footprint of their products, clothing or shoes to improve it through eco-design and benchmark themselves against their market. 
  • Meet the requirements of new regulations in France (AGEC) and Europe (Green Deal) and provide substantiated and standardized information in complete transparency to the consumer. 

Data control at the heart of fashion brand strategy 

The DNA of the e-SCM solution is the management of supplies and the coordination of all players in the logistics chain, from ordering raw materials to receiving finished products in the warehouse. The challenge is to collect at source and in real time the data necessary for production monitoring, quality controls and product delivery. They make it possible to monitor indicators to better control supplies and monitor the warehouse receipt schedule. These same data will feed the Digital Product Passport (accessible via a QR code or RFID) to inform the consumer about the life cycle of their product. 


The reliability of the transcribed information is total since it is, above all, necessary for the operational monitoring of production and logistics. e-SCM traceability makes it possible to establish a data audit trail

“There will be no transparency without industrialization of data collection. We provide brands with a reliable and accessible technological solution to trace the exact history of a product. By integrating data collection at every stage, from design, production and delivery, we facilitate traceability and make transparency possible. »
photo Patrick Bourg B&W
Patrick Bourg
Founder of Belharra Numérique and publisher of e-SCM

The digitalization of the Supply chain at the service of the LCA method 

Experts Belharra and L'EMPREINTE worked on mapping the e-SCM data needed to calculate LCAs and quickly agreed that the majority of the necessary data exists in e-SCM.  The e-SCM x Peftrust®' offer is a real opportunity for rapid implementation on the market.

“Our Peftrust® platform allows brands to calculate the eco-score on thousands of references, in a standardized and automated way. One of the essential challenges for obtaining coherent and specific results is access to data. This is where the integration with e-SCM takes on its full meaning, data flows directly from the supply chain are available with the right level of finesse for each reference/model/size/color (SKU) of each order Manufacturing. »  
Co-founder and COO of L'EMPREINTE and publisher of the Peftrust® solution

The 4 key advantages of this innovative offer: 

  • Industrialize the calculation of LCA by limiting the resources and means necessary to achieve a level of detail and finesse that reinforces the robustness of the score 
  • Make data auditable and prove compliance with regulations in force depending on the nature and origin of the products 
  • Enrich the Digital Product Passport with the eco-score (deducted from the ACV) while promoting the history of the product (origin of manufacturing, raw material, brand commitments, etc.) 
  • Capitalize on LCA to develop practices and products in an eco-design approach and continuous improvement of supplier relationships 

The solution goes beyond the necessary compliance with the law because, through the digitalization of the Supply Chain, it offers very significant potential for productivity. The e-SCM economic model based on usage has been retained so that the brand can control its budget and enhance its return on investment.


By working together on the integration of e-SCM and Peftrust® solutions, Belharra Numérique and L'EMPREINTE want to help brands comply with regulations, and better control the environmental impacts of their products while optimizing their supply chain. It is a unique solution on the market which combines the need for brands to take charge of the subject while remaining in control of their strategy.   

e-scm supervision screen


For more than 15 years, Belharra has been the integrator publisher of the e-SCM solution. The company, based in the Basque Country, supports the fashion and luxury industry in their digital transformation to make it a tool for resilience, an engine of growth and an accelerator of innovation. The company, which employs 50 people, offers technological solutions personalized to the needs and environments of its clients, combining operational management, collaborative tools and secure integration into the information system. Drawing on its expertise and experience, Belharra, with e-SCM, offers a methodological approach and a solution linked to the challenges of the fashion and textile sector, in terms of supply and traceability, marketed in SaaS mode (Software as a Service).  


L'EMPREINTE is a software publisher specializing in the environmental assessment and compliance of clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. Based in Metz and Paris, L'EMPREINTE publishes the PEFtrust® SaaS platform, which allows brands in the sector to calculate, share and improve the ecoscore of their products. Peftrust® relies on the European standard evaluation method (PEF) on the one hand, and on the quality of its scoring algorithms on the other hand. Together these two pillars make it possible to obtain robust and comparable results. Thanks to its highly flexible system architecture, Peftrust® adapts and connects to a wide variety of situations and tools encountered by brands, which allows them to quickly scale up. L'Empreinte has therefore set itself the objective of becoming the trusted partner of fashion and sportswear brands to eco-design their products, comply with regulations, and support their environmental communication, collection after collection.   

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