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The e-SCM solution joins the
Global Fashion Agenda Innovation forum!

In order to strengthen its commitment to supporting fashion manufacturers towards more responsible fashion and deploying its activity internationally, e-SCM wanted to join the Innovation Forum of the Global Fashion agenda (GFA).


This is a real opportunity for e-SCM to join the community of the best digital solutions and to drive significant changes for positive fashion among brands.

e-SCM Global fashion agenda Innovation Forum-en
“We are proud to be listed on the Innovation Forum from now on and hope to be able to contribute to the operations of new Nordic brands! This also supports our ambition to go further internationally after the deployment of e-SCM at Hummel. "
caroline anziutti e-scm
Business developer e-SCM

The Innovation Forum, what is its role?

The Innovation Forum has existed since 2018, it allows brands to act, with a selection of the most promising solutions covering the entire supply chain.

The GFA Academy integrates members of the Innovation Forum to cover the entire value chain, develop new ideas and stimulate markets.

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And the Global Fashion agenda, what are its missions and objectives?

The GFA is a non-profit organization that promotes collaboration between industry players to promote responsible fashion. To know more.


The missions of the Global Fashion Agenda

Its mission is to accelerate impact by inspiring, educating, influencing and mobilizing all stakeholders through partnerships, thought leadership publications, events and strong policy engagement.

The GFA provides in-depth analysis and reports based on the latest industry data. He produces the following main publications: The GFA Monitor, Fashion CEO Agenda, Fashion on Climate, Scaling Circularity and Pulse of the Fashion Industry.

He is also at the origin of the global fashion summit, the Global Fashion Summit, which is recognized as one of the most important for discussions on environmental, ethical and social issues.

Through its political commitment, the GFA supports actions that strengthen sustainable development goals and encourage change.


The objectives of the Global Fashion Agenda

  • Reduce GHG emissions by 50% by 2030 and net zero GHG emissions by 2050
  • Living wage for all: 70 million workers earn a living wage
  • Reduce resource usage.
  • Measuring progress to hold businesses accountable.
  • Fostering alliances to drive systemic change across the fashion industry and beyond

e-SCM is expanding its ecosystem internationally to support the fashion and luxury industries in their digital transformation thanks to its expertise in the textile supply cycle.