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e-SCM adapts its premises to new work trends

e-SCM is convinced that empowering employees is crucial to promoting their professional development. Thus, the company is undertaking a renovation of its premises in order to create an environment conducive to this autonomy. Each employee will thus be able to choose the work organization that best suits their tasks, whether teleworking, in the office or with a client.

Offices designed to work in hybrid mode

Faced with the growth of its activity and the new expectations of employees, e-SCM decided to completely rethink its offices. Quality of Life at Work is becoming a major issue in human resources management and a key factor in attracting and retaining teams.


e-SCM / Belharra is experiencing rapid expansion, going from 25 to 55 employees in just 30 months. With the integration of 25% of its workforce into “full teleworking” and the implementation of two days of remote working per week for the rest of the workforce, the company must adapt by modernizing its premises and management and organization of teams.


Over the years, working methods have evolved considerably, with the advent of teleworking and the increasing use of videoconferencing for meetings. In this context, e-SCM is reorganizing its premises by adopting a flexible approach where each employee can freely organize their working time, according to their responsibilities and the requirements of their position.

Spaces adapted to the needs of employees

When working in the office, e-SCM employees will have the opportunity to adapt their workstation according to their specific needs. Whether it's working in a team, collaborating with clients via interactive videoconference meetings, finding a quiet space to concentrate or sharing friendly moments with colleagues, everyone will have a suitable environment.


The main objective of the General Management of Belharra/e-SCM is to improve the quality of life at work while stimulating team productivity. The layout of the 400 m² premises includes 6 meeting rooms equipped for videoconferences ranging from 2 to 15 people, as well as 3 collaborative work spaces that can accommodate 10 to 16 workstations in “flex office” mode. A convivial space is provided to encourage exchanges and strengthen cohesion between employees.

An attractive company with a modern and friendly working environment

Belharra / e-SCM's ability to offer a modern and friendly working environment is a key element of its attractiveness. By complying with new trends in collaborative work, the company seeks to attract new talent and stand out in the market.


If you are looking for new challenges and want to evolve in a dynamic work environment, look no further! Belharra / e-SCM is looking for new talent to join its growing team. Come and participate in this transformation and benefit from a modern, innovative working environment in line with new ways of working.