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Belharra x Collectif Tricolor: a traceability tool to promote the French wool industry

We participated in the “Tricolor Days”, organized by the Tricolor Collective, on May 11 and 12 in Roubaix and Tourcoing.

On the program for the days: visits to local businesses linked to sheep, the CETI and the La Piscine Museum on the theme of Regionalism, thematic workshops on responsibility, Equity, Quality and Traceability.

As part of our R&D projects , this last workshop was led by Pantxika Ospital and Patrick Bourg from Belharra SAS / e-SCM.

This was an opportunity to hold a general assembly to define the course of the sector seeking outlets for 25,000 French breeders.

A traceability tool for the French wool industry

We first returned to the issues and objectives of the traceability tool for the French wool sector: promoting exchanges, improving quality, guaranteeing fair remuneration, making the sector responsible, raising consumer awareness, promoting the final product and demonstrate the positive impact of the sector. contributes to the development of a quality , sustainable and responsible French wool industry .

Progress of the traceability project for the wool sector

The tool can now be used to carry out pilot projects. The interest is to offer a material passport to promote the origin and the values ​​attached to the territories and the sector.

By emphasizing both a responsible sector and a reduced environmental impact, we addressed the question of a environmental assessment of Tricolor wool.

We met with ADEME to find out the method to consider. A rigorous process must include data collection at all stages of production for a specific evaluation which can then be shared in databases.


A first operational pilot with the Basque company, Traille

e-SCM traceability pilot project for Collectif Tricolor

We have completed the development of the application base, which allows us to test the digital solution by collecting data at each stage of transformation, in order to validate the data model.

We presented a first pilot project with the company Traille, based in the Basque Country, a project supported by the Agence des Pyrénées. Traille is developing wool wadding based on Lacaune wool, which represents a local and natural alternative to polyester wadding that can be used for textiles and furniture.

Data and documents were collected through the TRICOLOR digital application to generate a Digital Material Passport. It corresponds to a batch of wool wadding manufactured by the different links in the sector: sheep cooperative, washing, combing, needling and thermobonding company. This Digital Material Passport can be returned to the following stages in two forms: a QR code readable on a mobile phone and a data file usable by brands which have their own traceability tool.

We plan to consolidate the supervision tool in order to support the economic model of the Tricolor sector. Finally, we plan to deploy this solution on a larger scale.

To find out more about our R&D approach, you can read our article: “ How does e-SCM put Traceability at the heart of its R&D?” »

Podcast: The Tricolor Collective for the relaunch of the French wool industry “traceability at the heart of transparency”

Patrick Bourg, Purpan alumni, gave his testimony as an engineer, alongside Pascal Gautrand, General Delegate of the Tricolor Collective and Audrey Desormeaux, Mission Manager at the National Sheep Federation.

The commitments of the Tricolor Collective, launched in 2019


Bring together industry players (breeders, processors, manufacturers, territories and distributors) who wish to engage and invest in the (re)development of the high value-added French wool industry.


Deploy a collaborative plan involving all players in the sector to guarantee traceability, improve quality and increase the use of French wool while promoting the professions and know-how of each link in the chain. Since 2020, we have been committed to the Tricolor collective to support this renaissance of the French wool sectors.