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A new e-SCM logo which illustrates our dynamic of innovation

moodboard e-SCM logo

We believe that a logo cannot be frozen in time but must evolve to always be in harmony with the company's ambitions. We are proud to present the new e-SCM Logo which reflects our enriched value proposition serving the performance of our customers.

Highlight innovation

The new e-SCM logo marks the major developments made to the solution, the result of a  strengthened Customer experience and an ever more active innovation dynamic

It retains its original form with a more modern design for the pictogram and more readable typography for “e-SCM.
» The new “ SOLUTIONS ” Baseline evokes the differentiating diversity of uses: Purchasing management, Quality Control, Transport monitoring, evidence of CSR commitments… in a secure and reliable Cloud environment.

Blue for the planet!

The blue color is preserved. It evokes trust, security and reliability in technologies.

Associated with the round shape of the pictogram, it refers to the “blue planet”, the terrestrial globe to image exchanges within the value chain, and the diversity of sourcing in the textile industry.

It symbolizes the universality of a solution which concentrates all the information necessary for the different actors. This logo inspires the strength of collaboration: “The whole world accessible in real time” .

A pictogram that illustrates Traceability and Transparency

The pictogram retains its rounded shape which symbolizes unity and harmony . The structure of the “e”, like an unrolling roll of fabric

• The parallel lines symbolize COLLABORATION : All actors interact to meet the same objective.

• The spiral which unfolds without discontinuity evokes the TRACEABILITY necessary for management throughout the supply cycle.

• The white lines give TRANSPARENCY and depth, essential in a sustainable fashion approach.

e-scm old logo

As a reminder: 5 years ago we created a visual identity to provide specific communication for our e-SCM Supplier Portal solution.

This logo symbolized the security of the Supplier Portal with its general structure in the shape of a key: the ring being made up of the pictogram and the bit by the “m” of e-SCM.
The pictogram depicted the solution, like a target that sets the objective or like an eye that supervises the management of the Supply Chain.
The linearity of the circle was interrupted by the hyphen of e-SCM, like a secure opening of the Extranet Portal. It was important to evolve our image to demonstrate the strength of our innovation focused on use and performance in the service of a rapidly changing fashion and textile industry.