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3 key indicators to control your supplies

Control your supplies

In the competitive world of fashion and luxury, supply management is a major issue to ensure the competitiveness, quality and reputation of products. Companies in this sector must brilliantly orchestrate their supplies in order to meet market demands while preserving their image. In this article, we'll explore three key metrics that prove essential to effectively driving sourcing strategies.

Guarantee the quality of products received

In the world of luxury and fashion, where attention to detail is essential, the quality of the products received constitutes a fundamental pillar. The product quality indicator makes it possible to assess the conformity of delivered items to quality standards and required specifications. Substandard products could not only tarnish the brand image, but also incur costs related to returns and customer dissatisfaction.

To guarantee the quality of the products received, close collaboration with suppliers is essential. Implementing rigorous quality control protocols from the production stage, along with audits and certifications, builds confidence in the supply chain.


Indicators to guarantee the quality of the products received:

· Compliance rate

· Supplier defect rate

· Compliance with confirmed commitments


e-SCM Solutions integrates advanced quality control features into its system, allowing companies to define quality criteria specific to each product. Control processes are automated and reinforced, ensuring that products received are in full compliance with established standards.

Intuitive dashboards allow brands to track and analyze quality data in real time, providing valuable supply chain visibility.

Improve the reliability of delivery schedules

In a sector where seasons, collections and events punctuate product releases, the reliability of delivery schedules is crucial. Delivery delays can disrupt distribution, compromise launches and impact customer satisfaction.

clients. The delivery schedule reliability indicator assesses the company's ability to meet agreed deadlines.


Indicators to improve the reliability of delivery schedules

· Emergency delivery rate

· Respect of supplier deadlines

· Length of procurement cycles

· Performance of supply chains


e-SCM Solutions offers advanced planning management and shipment tracking tools. Thanks to seamless integration with logistics providers and carriers, brands can monitor the progress of deliveries in real time and quickly detect deviations from established schedules. Analyzing indicators makes it possible to anticipate and avoid delays.

e-SCM enables seamless collaboration between production, logistics and sales departments to align goals and minimize risks.

Optimize the economic performance of transportation

In a demanding economic context, optimizing the economic performance of transportation is imperative. This indicator assesses the efficiency of product flows in terms of costs, lead times and sustainability. Reducing transport costs while minimizing environmental impact becomes a complex equation to solve.


Indicators to optimize delivery performance

o Cost invoiced versus cost confirmed on the order

o Compliance with financial commitments

o Dispute rate by nature


e-SCM Solutions integrates advanced transportation cost and route analysis functionalities. The solution can identify the most economical routes while taking into account time and sustainability constraints.

Visualization and monitoring of KPIs with e-SCM

With e-SCM, internal or external users have access to a complete and ergonomic supervision console to monitor operations throughout the supply cycle. The configurable and customizable e-SCM dashboard highlights alerts so that each actor focuses on priority actions and concentrates on risky order lines.


e-SCM provides a 360-degree view to ensure consistency and transparency of operational monitoring processes throughout the procurement cycle. All data is available with the history of all actions. An integrated interface allows you to graphically present and share the inventory and details of outstanding assets.


The challenge is to quickly establish correlations between warehouse reception schedules and commercial needs to adjust and arbitrate in consultation the actions to be carried out according to economic priorities.


By integrating e-SCM Solutions at the heart of your strategy, breathe new life into your teams in the management of your supplies.