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Supply Chain Event 2023: trends and innovations! 

Journey to the heart of trends and innovations!

The Supply Chain Event 2023 , which recently took place in Paris, was the essential crossroads for Supply Chain players. It highlighted the evolution of solutions on the market.

This event always remains an enriching experience, to explore emerging trends , exchange innovative ideas and discover technological advances in the field.

Supply Chain Event allows us to share knowledge and experiences, and also opens new perspectives for a more efficient and resilient supply chain.

Thank you to the many visitors who came!

First of all,  a big thank you to all the visitors who stopped by our stand to meet us and discover our e-SCM solution . Their experience , their relevant questions and their constructive feedback helped to enrich the discussions on current supply chain .

Supply chain trends: Collaboration, Transversality and Visibility

The event revealed the trends shaping the future of the supply chain . Emphasis was placed on the growing need for strengthened collaboration between supply chain players, the transversality of processes and the incessant quest for visibility throughout the chain.


Collaboration between the different links in the supply chain has become essential. Companies have realized that true optimization of supply chain processes can only be achieved through strong partnerships and fluid exchanges of information between suppliers, carriers, distributors and customers.

Likewise, transversality has proven to be the key to success! Traditionally siled departments have started to break down to favor a holistic approach, where communication and collaboration between departments is encouraged for more effective supply chain management.

Finally, the constant search for visibility throughout the supply chain was at the heart of the debates. The ability to anticipate disruptions, monitor the flow of goods in real time and make informed decisions has become a major asset in guaranteeing a fluid and responsive supply chain.

Transform your supplier relationships into a strategic asset

Testimonial Conference: Intersport & e-SCM

We had the pleasure of sharing with you the testimony of our speakers: Natacha AMADORU, Supply Chain Import Manager, Intersport , Pascal SAINT-PIERRE, Business developer , publisher of the e-SCM and Frédéric HENRY, CEO Daring Group with the participation of Maxime  Rabiller of Supply Chain Magazine , as moderator.

Intersport adopted our e-SCM solution because it integrates the three key aspects mentioned above: collaboration, transversality and visibility, to thus meet the group's growth ambitions. 

Four major advantages were cited by Natacha Amadoru: 

  • Access to information in real time by all stakeholders  
  • Simplifying processes and streamlining exchanges 
  • Centralization of information on a single platform 
  • An integrated validation process and logging of Change Requests 

She specifies that e-SCM makes it easier to read data, which accelerates decision-making to deal with the crisis and support the growth of the company. 

The expert's vision with Frédéric Henry, CEO of Daring Group


Frédéric specifies that  better upstream visibility makes it possible to effectively flows, thus generating significant impacts on the entire supply chain. He indicates that for companies aware of this issue, the objective is to permanently harmonize their operations by accessing the most recent information in real time from the start of the process. He explains that this is why the use of collaborative tools becomes essential to increase efficiency and achieve significant gains.

Expertise and good humor for a colorful stand!

Antton, our young business developer, has joined the e-SCM sales team for 8 months now and we asked him for his feedback on his first show with us: 

“The discussions with visitors were very rich and relevant! Being face to face with people, being able to discuss their problems and providing them with answers meant a lot to me. »  


Sarah, our marketing manager also specifies that “the complicity of the e-SCM team at the show created a friendly atmosphere that we managed to share with our visitors! Professional expertise and good humor made this show a success for us! »  


If you would like to meet us, we will be visiting the Tech For Retail show on November 29 and 30.  Don’t hesitate to book an appointment in our calendars !