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Belharra editor of e-SCM solutions

Belharra's teams have designed and developed e-SCM through experience with leading fashion and luxury brands.


Project genesis and creation of the e-SCM brand


e-SCM V2 including traceability functions


e-SCM V3 enriched with the management of a Logistics platform and a Decision Support Datamart


e-SCM V4 with a focus on optimizing the performance of the solution


e-SCM V5 sets a major turning point in the ergonomics and optimization of the solution


New e-SCM Express version for faster deployment of the solution


e-SCM V9: an optimized version in terms of ergonomics & Start of a thesis on the total traceability of the supply chain (from producer to consumer)


e-scm V10 includinga Quality and CSR module.Our Roadmap - The future is driven by a strong dynamic in terms of ergonomics and advanced functionalities.

A robust and reliable solution, reflecting the experience of our consultants

e-SCM Solutions

e-SCM solutions was created more than 20 years ago in the Basque Country, to support the evolution of organizations in supply management within the textile sector, particularly with the major brands in the surfing industry.

The solution was designed and developed by Belharra SAS, an IT Service company. We support our clients in the digital transformation of their organization or business model.


Specialized in the integration of web technologies, EDM and business intelligence technologies, we have built up our experience by working with major brands in the fashion and luxury industry.

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Belharra team

Why this name?


Belharra is one of the biggest waves in Europe, surfed by the best in the sport. We have chosen this image to illustrate the energy, the dynamics and the strong commitment of our teams mobilized on a common goal.

belharra digital logo

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