Round Table "Smart Tech: Revolutionizing the product journey" - PREMIERE VISION PARIS

round table product journey - PV2023

Our e-SCM participated in the round table “Smart Tech: revolutionizing the product journey” at the  PREMIERE VISION PARIS , at the Villepinte Paris Nord exhibition center, dedicated to Fashion professionals.


The journey of a product, from concept to consumer, is more closely scrutinized than ever. Proof of provenance, fight against counterfeiting, environmental sustainability and ethics supported by data…


The panel discussion, moderated by Ben Hanson, editor-in-chief of The Interline, brought together experts from different backgrounds to discuss ways technology can provide answers to fashion's top product-level questions ( Crystalchain,  Sourcemap ,  Pivot88 , Traced,  e-SCM) .


Pantxika Ospital, PhD student in the e-SCM , was able to provide her expertise on the following points:


  • Why has fashion struggled so hard to gather the supply chain data it needs to disclose in digital product passports?

The history of fashion has accelerated over the last 40 years with the relocation of production. While luxury and high-end brands retain their manufacturing tools, mid-range brands have gradually moved away from manufacturing and creativity by outsourcing the creation of collections. Many brands buy finished products and are unaware of the processes, materials and components of their products. They must better know and communicate with their suppliers to ensure that the products correspond to their values, their commitments and their specifications. The data is all the more reliable because it is collected at each stage, and not afterwards.


  • Is fashion properly prepared for the speed at which legislation will advance from now on?

“The AGEC law is at the center of everyone's concerns right now, but it is only the latest in a series of developments that are leading, over time, to ever-increasing scrutiny of the product journey and the brands that are behind it. The duty of vigilance has been mandatory in France for at least five years and, at the European Union level, stricter standards for the disclosure of product information will soon emerge.


The duty of vigilance requires that companies know their suppliers. Looking at what the AGEC law , one might think that this is relatively simple information and that the requirements will increase. This information concerns the product as a whole: content of recycled materials, synthetic materials, recyclability, traceability of the main manufacturing countries.


For environmental labeling , which is coming next year, life cycle analysis requires more precise information on the manufacturing process and the composition of each component. It is difficult for brands to know the countries of the different stages of manufacturing in 6 months, the decree was promulgated in April for application in January. We can see in stores that certain brands are not yet in compliance. It must be said that the collection schedule does not correspond to that applicable by law. For the production schedule, no fast fashion, between design and sale in stores it can take a year. We recommend that brands prepare and equip themselves as it takes time. »



The talk highlighted the importance of adopting technological solutions, such as e-SCM, to meet the challenges of the fashion and textile industry.


SMART TECH: the new digital fashion space!

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