Our developers are in the spotlight!

Belharra / e-SCM: a stronger team of developers to transform the digital world!

Programming and development are in our DNA! We're proud to have 15 ace coders in-house, representing 28% of our workforce. And guess what? We're always on the lookout for new talent to strengthen our team and meet the growing demands of our business.

Our developers are in the spotlight!

To mark World Developer Day, we're putting our code superheroes in the spotlight with their testimonials!


For Kevin, a developer is someone who's creative and enjoys brainteasers. What I like about this job is being able to let my imagination run wild and see my ideas take shape," he confides.

And for Nabil, a developer is someone who designs and develops applications to meet a need. To do this, he uses a wide range of skills (technical) and know-how (communication).

His favorite part of the job is the opportunity to solve problems creatively. And he explains:

" We have the chance to create something from scratch, and see our ideas take shape through the screen."

He points out that this field is constantly evolving, and that he always has the opportunity to learn new things. And that it also gives him a good deal of flexibility in terms of business areas (here at e-SCM, we work in logistics, but we can also work in aeronautics, real estate, in all kinds of businesses).

For Nabil, it's one of the few professions that can be practiced in free time as a hobby, which just goes to show how exciting and absorbing it is!

So, what does it really mean to be a developer?

Developers are the wizards behind the design and creation of computer applications. Their mission is to translate business rules into a language, thus inscribing an organization's strategy in lines of code.


This profession is constantly evolving, with new technologies and languages appearing all the time. It's a never-ending source of exciting discoveries and challenges.

Developers are the superheroes of digital transformation!

They feed the company's value chain through interactions with customers, creating a virtuous circle. The company evolves towards a value loop with a win-win relationship.

Developers have a crucial role to play in the evolution of applications, improving customer service and user experience, while keeping pace with business needs.


For them, the developer's job is a key to enriching the company's value proposition and making it more successful.


At e-SCM / Belharra, we see technology as a means to meet the challenges of innovation and modernization. A digital solution is only effective if it unleashes the full potential of organizations.

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