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Agec law meet-up and R3iLab environmental display

meet up agec law and environmental display


We participated in the online meet-up around labeling and traceability issues, organized by R3iLab, on September 5, 2022. 

Current and/or planned regulations offer companies in the sector new ways to highlight their good practices. However, pitfalls remain in the implementation of tracking and labeling tools and processes:

  • Blockchain or not?
  • How to collect the right data?
  • What solutions should be implemented?

Information and program
The experts brought together by the R3iLab answered these questions and the companies provided their testimonies:

 👉Pascale Florant – Vervoort |
👉  general secretary Cofreet, Ginetex Jean-placide NYOMBE |
👉  head of legal affairs, Fédération de la Maille Damien Pellé |
👉  CSR Sustainable Development Director, Galeries Lafayette Patrick BOURG |
👉  Director of Operations, e-SCM Augustin Firino Martell |
👉  Fashion & Luxury traceability and CSR manager, Crystalchain Fanny Garcia |
Founder, BlueQUEST The meet-up was moderated by Danièle CLUTIER (R3iLab-IFM).