Fashion and luxury industry:
the R&D approach to brand traceability.

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Our participation at Change Now

As part of the Change NOW exhibition, we wanted to highlight the approach we are taking to CSR traceability and transparency through testimonials and feedback to show how we support organisations in implementing change in this area.

e-SCM could not but be associated with the Change Now trade fair in view of its innovative approach dedicated to the transition towards responsible fashion.

Traceability, optimisation and transparency of manufacturing and supply processes are the major challenges to which the e-SCM solution provides a concrete response in the fashion sector.

In this article, we present a summary of the speech by Patrick Bourg, Director of Operations, from the webinar presenting our R&D approach to brand traceability:

  • How can we work together for a more responsible and transparent fashion?
  • Our R&D commitments for total supply chain traceability
  • e-SCM, a transitional logistics tool for more transparency in fashion
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summary of responsible fashion citizen consultation

How can we work together for a more responsible and transparent fashion?

The summary of the citizen consultation (published in February 2021) shows that consumers want more transparency and communication from brands (15% of respondents).

Our answer as a fashion and luxury industry professional is how to help brands cope with this level of demand.

We work with French brands such as Eram and Petit Bateau to enable them to manage their supply chain and collect and make available reliable information from their consumers.

The brands that initiated the citizen consultation are committed to different areas of work. We want to support them and also offer them new features, which is why we have an involved R&D approach.

Our research focuses on three areas through the various initiatives in which we participate and the work of the thesis we have launched.

  • Relocation / Reindustrialisation
  • Process optimisation for full traceability
  • Consumer information

Our R&D commitment to traceability

Axis 1: Relocation / Reindustrialisation

We are founding members and on the board of directors of the Tricolor collective, for the rebirth of the French wool industry. This collective brings together 60 French companies linked to the wool industry from different backgrounds: digital, production, textile brands, processors. We are developing a traceability tool that allows us to manage the entire end-to-end data control by collecting information and linking it to each batch by following all the transformations up to the final product.

This has a twofold objective: to optimise the quality of the wool and to make the transmission of data from collection to consumer more reliable.


We are also involved in the CETI On Demand For Good project, the first industrial 4.0 platform for on-demand design and production.

Axis 2: Process optimisation for total traceability of the supply chain

Our customers rely on our e-SCM solution to ensure traceability for logistics and CSR transparency.

The e-SCM supplier portal enables the collection of product traceability data to provide a reliable audit trail and demonstrate the origin and compliance of the product with CSR commitments. Transparency requirements are becoming factors in enhancing the value of the company.


With e-SCM, the brand guarantees an optimised and sustainable supply through the traceability of the supply chain and ensures that its manufacturing is in line with any variation in requirements.

e-SCM allows you to :

  • Collect CSR information from each supplier
  • Collect information from raw materials and components to the finished product
  • Organise and monitor modes of transport and delivery.
R&D traceability e-scm

Axis 3: Consumer information

After collecting data on raw materials, production conditions, transport and value chain, the brand will be able to communicate its information to consumers.


The ERAM group has implemented the change for good approach along three strategic lines: eco-design, rationalised production and responsible trade. Isabelle Desfontaines, CSR & Communication Project Director, talks about the ERAM group's CSR initiatives with their customers.

We carried out a POC(proof of concept ) with e-SCM to provide digital tools that allow the brand to restore information to meet the consumer's demand for transparency.


e-SCM provides :

  • Traceability of data via a unique QR code per product
  • Feedback to the consumer via a mobile application
  • Transparent communication of brands' CSR commitments
  • Dynamic display of information over time, to target usage (before and after the sale).

Our credo is to provide consumers with credible, value-added information that facilitates the triggering of the purchasing act.

e-SCM, a transitional logistics tool for more transparency in fashion

Our value proposition is to implement CSR data transparency at no extra cost or burden to the company, using existing supply chain processes to collect all information at each stage of manufacture.

e-SCM has accompanied the evolution of the fashion and luxury sector for more than 15 years, around new management and supply modes, with the implementation of the supply chain management tool.

The challenge of our action is to combine our mastery of supply chain management to use logistical traceability data and to strive for greater transparency, both internally and with regard to service providers and customers.

In order to develop our e-SCM solution as closely as possible to the needs of the market, we are involved in a committed ecosystem. Our R&D is based on our thesis research and the "Traceability and Transparency" working group that we lead within the BALI Chair.

We are members of the Tricolor Collective and Paris Good Fashion and our solution is referenced in the Green Resources platform of the French Federation of Women's Wear.

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