Supply Chain Event : a great experience with meetings and sharing

The e-SCM team participated to the Supply Chain Event in mid-November in Paris. It was a great experience for us, full of meetings, exchanges and experience sharing.


This year the theme dedicated to the show was FASHION! For the occasion, we shared with you our experience and the testimony of one of our clients, Children Worldwide Fashion Group, specialist in premium and luxury children's fashion, during the conference: Digitalization at the service of a new strategic organization of procurement at CWF.


The e-SCM solution enables you to manage your supply chain. It facilitates the coordination and relationship with your suppliers and all the actors in the chain by tracing the operations and decisions taken during the supply cycle.

Thank you all!

  • Thank you to all the participants for coming to meet us. 
  • Thank you to Jérôme Boisseau from CWF for his customer testimonial on the implementation of the digitalization of the group's inbound Supply Chain process!
  • Thanks to Jean-Luc Rognon for hosting our conference!
  • Thanks to Jérôme Brulon and all his team (very numerous) for the organization of the show! What a job!
  • Thank you to all the e-SCM team for its energy, its good mood and its mobilization! | Gilles Bidart | Patrick BOURG | Caroline Anziutti | Sarah Figura
e-scm supervision screen

A 360° view of its Upstream Supply Chain

e-SCM provides a 360 degree view to ensure consistency and transparency of operational monitoring processes throughout the process.


All Supply Chain actors have a simple, customizable and intuitive dashboard. In real time, the indicators highlight risks to production or schedules to alert each player.


All data is available with the history of all actions. An integrated interface allows to present and share graphically the status and the details of the outstanding amounts.


The challenge is to quickly establish correlations between warehouse reception schedules and commercial needs in order to adjust and arbitrate in consultation the actions to be taken according to economic priorities.

Traceability at the heart of the supply chain

With e-SCM, traceability throughout the supply chain improves company performance and meets the obligation of transparency on the CSR commitments of brands.


The brand controls the traceability of products throughout the value chain, from the sourcing of raw materials to delivery to the shop, in order to offer the consumer greater transparency throughout the supply chain.

e-scm traceability

e-SCM, a centralised and sharedsolution to improve supply chain performance

To increase supply chain performance, the use of e-SCM enables data to be collected, aggregated and shared, leaving more time for analysis and decision-making.

The qualitative and economic returns are measurable:


management of supply flows