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e-SCM at the NF&TA conference: Investing in a sustainable future


Discovering the Norwegian cluster for sustainable fashion

our international development, e-SCM Solutions has surrounded itself with experts, starting with Sicco Roorda , with 30 years of experience in the world of supply chain and retail . Today, he is a major partner with his consulting business Accist Advisory. In this development approach, e-SCM Solutions and Sicco have understood the importance of supply processes , particularly to achieve a certain traceability and transparency . It is in this context that Sicco attended the annual conference organized by the Norwegian NF&TA cluster .


NF&TA Conference 2023 - Investing in a sustainable future

The conference was organized by NF&TA and focused on the opportunities and investment requirements needed to change and accelerate the green transition in the fashion and textile industry. All to accelerate and improve the circularity of fashion. Several companies in this sector were present (Rain, Northern Playground , New Movements, etc.) , experts in this field also took the floor ( McKinsey, Bocconi , European Commission , Nysnø Climate Investments, etc.)  to  discuss and move forward by finding solutions for the future .


e-SCM x traceability: Control your supply chain

The e-SCM solution therefore had its place at this conference because the management of the Supply Chain, with the collaborative platform, strengthens the traceability of operations to improve the performance of brands and meet the obligation of transparency on their CSR commitments. . 

Through three major pillars, discover how e-SCM Solutions guarantees traceability  throughout your supply chain:

  Collection of data : throughout the chain, e-SCM collects data and thus demonstrates traceability from raw materials to delivery of the finished product in the warehouse, including manufacturing processes and methods of delivery. transportation

  QR Code : Generation of a unique QR code for the product label with all the “quality monitoring” information attached to the final product depending on its manufacturing batch.

  Restitution : web page specific to each product which relates the brand’s CSR commitments and product information.

In summary, the e-SCM platform offers traceability and transparency to brands to meet new consumer requirements as well as legislative ones. With e-SCM you will be able to approach this new era of the supply chain with effectiveness and efficiency.  


Who is the NF&TA cluster?

The cluster is dedicated to the Norwegian fashion, sports and textile industry.  It mobilizes businesses, innovation partners, education and research to work together to develop a sustainable and value-creating future. NF&TA's mission is to develop collaborative initiatives and projects that will enable businesses to develop and grow sustainably and profitably. It has a broad partnership at national and international level and works in close collaboration with public authorities and organizations. The fashion and textile industry is the fourth largest value creator in the world and is considered one of the most polluted industries in the world. There is a need to develop a sustainable and circular fashion and textile industry. This involves innovating business models that create value, based on new design and production processes, circular systems and the use of local value , including raw materials and development of materials, as well as local production.