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CASE STUDY -Eden Park & ​​e-SCM Solutions 


Modernize and streamline the internal Supply Chain process

The ready-to-wear brand Eden Park has equipped itself with a Supplier Portal allowing it to monitor and manage its delivery flows throughout the world. The implementation of e-SCM significantly contributed to the organization and reliability of their Supply Chain processes. The project was completed in less than 6 months at Eden Park.


The challenges of the project for Eden Park 

Improve monitoring of outsourced production and coordinate all internal and external actions.
Respect marketing commitments in terms of Quality, Quantity, Deadlines and Costs.
Manage all upstream flows, trace decisions and share a common repository with suppliers.

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“The e-SCM portal produces alerts as soon as a deadline, a price, or a milestone falls outside of pre-established thresholds. Thus, the impact of any change can be anticipated and the reception schedule is made more reliable, which simplifies the planning of deliveries to stores. »

Logistics Purchasing Director

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