4 reasons to come and meet us at the Supply Chain Forum in Amsterdam!


Meet the e-SCM team at PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum!


As part of our acceleration in the export market and particularly in Northern Europe, e-SCM Solutions will participate on May 30th and 31st 2023 in the Supply Chain Forum in Amsterdam organized by Pi Apparel.


During these two days, we will have the opportunity to meet and exchange with each other during one-on-one meetings about the supply chain issues faced by fashion and luxury brands.


During these meetings, we can cover several topics with you, and explain how the e-SCM collaborative platform can help you optimize your process.

Learn more about PI Apparel Amsterdam or book your place directly : here.

4 topics to address to successfully transform your procurement model

Theme 1 : Secure the management of your supply chain and bring transparency 


Objective: you want to define key performance indicators and control the data throughout the process.


With our e-SCM solution: the data collected is centralized, secured and historized, which reduces the risk of error and allows you to be more reactive to hazards. Traceability allows you to control your risks and meet your CSR commitments.


See how to better manage the production launch.

Theme 2: Supporting change management  


○ Goal: You focus on building internal and external competencies through the deployment of integrated, high-performance technology tools.


With our e-SCM solution: we contribute to the transformation of your operational model and integrate change management with the business teams during the deployment. The training of internal and external players is key to the successful adoption of the new tools and the commitment of users.

Theme 3: Creating an ecosystem with your partners 


○ Goal: Strengthen your relationships with all partners in the ecosystem, whether suppliers, freight forwarders, Logistics by encouraging collaborative work to promote the performance of all.


○ With our e-SCM solution: we propose to centralize all information and work in real time by connecting all actors to the platform, accessible via a browser.

Theme 4: Optimizing your procurement process 


○ Goal: Enable you to align your strategy with your organizational goals and refocus supply teams on high-value tasks.


○ With our e-SCM solution: we simplify daily tasks, giving a 360° view of current productions in real time, and the points of vigilance to be addressed in priority to meet the business objectives set.

Here are some of the objectives that the e-SCM solution can meet in order to succeed in the digital transformation of your supply chain and face the current challenges.


We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam on May 30th and 31st for a live chat! If you can't join us, book a demo or a meeting with our business developer Antton.